SLP Lighting Capabilities

Custom Manufacturing

Our manufacturing team has been developed to provide a blend of management oversight and technical capability.

We have 28 presses in our Fenton & Sullivan facilities, ranging from 88 to 2750 tons giving us the ability to run small, precision, multicavity parts weighing less than 1 gram, up to large components, which weigh 22 pounds or are eight feet in length. This range of machine size, gives us the capability to make all the components for an assembly and make sure the fit and function are correct before you receive them on your assembly line or in your warehouse. Our injection molding plant in Gadsden Alabama gives us additional 29 presses expanding our capability and capacity. We have experience running many commodity thermoplastic materials such as PE and PP, as well as engineered resins such as PES, PC and PPO. Process control is used to optimize our molding processes, and robotics is used for part handling and assembly.

Laser Cutting

Precise shapes and cutouts are available on lighting products.

Vacuum Metallizing

SLP Lighting has been in the very challenging molding/metallizing business for almost 50 years. We are currently a major supplier of various lighting reflectors for global OEM automotive lighting manufactures. Our vacuum metallizing process allows us to achieve brilliant long lasting coatings for all types of plastic, glass, and metal. Our finishes include specular, semi-specular, aluminum, brass, gun metal, copper and silver.

Engineering and Design

In any project, proper engineering is critical to initial an on-going success. Proper engineering requires a knowledge of the function and use of the component, correct material selection, good part design, and the construction of a quality mold. Equally important to on-going success is dedication to continuous production engineering and process improvement.

SLP has the experience and knowledge to satisfy your engineering requirements. Our team has years of hands-on engineering and production know-how to make your project a success at the lowest cost. We use Solid Works 3D molding software to design and analyze your component.


To make sure your product is the best design for both end use and molding, we use state of the art prototyping. Our ABS models can be manipulated for fit and function.


The breadth of our decorating, assembly, and joining alternatives is rarely matched by others. Add to this our ISO quality system and award-winning customer service, and you have a supplier who can fulfill all of your requirements.

Some of our secondary services include:

–    Printing – 4 or 6 colors
–    Hot Stamp/Heat Transfers
–    Vacuum Metalizing
–    Painting