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Replacement Wraparound Lenses

We offer an extensive line of extruded acrylic wraparound replacement lenses. Our replacement lenses are the same quality lenses originally sold to the fixture manufacturers. Your lighting fixtures were designed for specific light distribution and their performance is impacted by the condition of the lighting diffuser. By replacing old, yellowed or broken wraparound diffusers withan extruded replacement, you can restore the efficency, appearance and performance of the fixture to its original condition.

Our extruded acrylic diffusers are the highest quality in the industry and will return the OEM light distribution pattern and efficiency to your fixtures. We stock many of the most popular shapes and styles.

To order replacement wraparounds send a full size sample of your existing diffuser. If this is impractical:

1. Trace the profile of the diffuser on a piece of paper.
    (Make sure to trace both the inside and the outside.)

2. Measure the exact length of the diffuser and provide
    all critical dimensions.

3. Fax or mail this information to SLP Lighting.

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